American Indian Necklaces Silver Sterling Yellow Gold Tone Overlay Plain Whale Tail Pendant Necklace



Material: 925 sterling silver with yellow gold tone overlay

Dimensions: Pendant measures 5/8 inch (0.63 inch) tall and 11/16 inch (0.69 inch) wide and includes a 16 (adjustable to 18) nickel-free sterling silver box chain.

Features: High polished finish for easy care and hidden bail for an unobstructed display.

Sentiment: Whales are the gentle giants of the ocean. Here in Hawaii, we revere them for their grace and elegance. The humpback whale travel through our warm welcoming waters during the winter months. It is a common sight to see the humpback spout and breach as they pass by. We delight in viewing them breach playfully and then glide back into the ocean with their tails flipping up, our final view of their majesty.

Gift Ready: This sterling silver necklace will be lovingly hand packed, with Aloha, in Hawaii using our distinctive black gift box. Please receive it, or gift give it, with our Mahalo (Thank you in Hawaiian).

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