Deuce Bracelets White Gold Unique Innovation Y Necklace Sinya 18k Freshwater Cultured Purple Pearl Pendant



The 18K White Gold Y neckalce use Sinya unique design accessories for you DIY easiely.

We show 3 ways of wearing this Y necklace ,give free rein to your imagination ,you will get more ways.Show the picture of new ways of wearing this Y necklace to get 2Usd UNLIMITED COUPONS (Show 1 NEW ways get 2 USD )

The diameter of the small purple pearls which threaded on the chains are 5-6mm .the diameter of the purple pearl at the end of the Y necklace is 8-9mm

This sales offer with 35 days customer satisfaction guarantee or money back, 1year guarantee for any non-artificial factors

As well-know,Au750 white gold are soft and not strong as steel.We carefully crafted all our Jewelry Please treat her gently. we not accept the return request for the artificial factors damage jewelry

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