Orange Carnelian Bead Long Pendant Necklace Life Anna Beck Necklaces Gold-Plated Brass Eternal Tree



ORANGE – RED STONE – Carnelian is colorful with shades of pinkish orange to rusty brown. Your most popular stones will be orange to orange-red. Spiritually some believe this stone can motivate and encourage leadership.

GOLD-PLATED – Your chain and pendant have subtle shimmer and shine.

OPERA LENGTH STATEMENT- A long length of 30 inches makes a subtle statement while the big, bold pendant is eye-catching and unique. A versatile piece to be worn as a single pendant, or layer it with your collar, choker, princess, or matinee style necklaces. An easy, every day casual accessory to fit your day to night style.

TREE OF LIFE – Eye-catching, inspirational for growth and inner strength, your piece may be spiritual & religious. The tree depicted with it’s branches, trunk & roots are a reflection of beauty found in our natural world. A symbolic connection to all things in life, positive energy, good health, longevity & wisdom. Regarded by some as a force in nature to create harmony & balance. Feel confident wearing your piece for sentimental purposes or simply for the beauty of nature inspired fashion.

PERFECT PRESENT WITH GIFT PACKAGING – Your necklace choice would be a simple and unique gift for that special someone in your life. Buy this quality accessory for your wife, daughter, sister, girlfriend or best friend, and know you have purchased a suitable gift for any occasion or event such as Valentine’s day, Easter, Mother’s Day, communion, graduation, Christmas, a birthday or anniversary. A memorable present packaged in a classic black velvet pouch for nice gift presentation & storage.

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